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Safety Instruction

  • Ensure that all adjustments & repair are done by only trained /authorized person.

  • Do not try to change the specifications and confiugration of the engine.

  • Do not clean or add lubricating oil or adjust the engine while it is running (unless you have had the correct training, even then, extreme care must be taken to prevent injury).

  • Clean the oil, fuel, dust etc. & always keep the engine dry.

  • The fuel, lubricating oil and coolant can cause irritation in skin if in contact for long time. Protect your hands with gloves or by medically advised jelly/cream.

  • Do not operate the engine if any safety guard has been removed.

  • Disconnect the battery terminals before a repair is made to the electrical system.

  • Ensure that the engine is operated only from the control panel or from the operator's position.

  • If your skin comes into contact with high-pressure fuel, obtain medical assistance immediately.

  • Do not put material which is contaminated with oil into the pockets of clothing.

  • Never tighten nuts and bolts when the engine is running. It can cause damage to components.

  • Do not fill fuel in the tank while the engine is running.

  • Do not smoke when filling fuel in the tank.

  • Carefully touch engine parts after stopping the engine, as they are hot & if touched, may cause injuries to the skin.

  • Do not permit a person having loose clothing or long hair near moving parts.

  • Keep away from moving parts during engine operation.

  • The battery fluid is dangerous to the skin and especially to the eyes.

  • Do not allow sparks or fire near the batteries (especially when the batteries are on charge), as the gases from the electrolyte are highly flammable.

  • The combustible material of some components of the engine (seals etc.) can become extremely dangerous if burnt. Never allow this burnt material to come into contact with the skin or with the eyes.

  • To achieve safe work environment and prevention of pollution, it is important to dispose off filters and used oil, this will help in creating safe & healthy environment.

  • Do not let oil and other liquids, drop into the soil while servicing the engine. Take them to suitable disposal points.

  • Material which has been contaminated by fuel must be moved to a safe place.

  • Ensure that the engine does not run in a location where it can cause concentration of toxic emissions.

  • Check Lube oil level and quality, lube oil should not be very thick with visible carbon and metal particles.

  • Please check all the nuts/bolts, engine/alternator foundation bolts and loose cable connections, tightening them at the time of commissioning and then monthly.

  • Purchase all spare parts from authorized Service Dealers of Eicher Engines.

  • If the DG set is with AMF panel then please do not touch live wire as mains also flow from AMF panel even if DG SET IS OFF.

  • Do not change any wiring or modify the wiring as it may attract void of warranty.

  • Please do not get the DG set repaired and serviced by any unauthorized person. It may attract void of warranty. It should be done by the OEA of Eicher or authorized service dealer of Eicher Engines.

  • Cable entry holes, if not in use, should be properly closed.

  • Exhaust pipe installation for Silent DG set should be very-very precise. The load of the Exhaust pipe should not come on the bellow and it should also not touch the roof body.