Electrical Stampings

The manufacturing process that converts flat sheet metal into user-defined shapes is called Electrical Stamping. What makes this process unique is the wide variety of its applications. From electrical motors, alternators, power tools to common home appliances- all require parts that are manufactured with extreme accuracy and complex tools.
Jaycee is a well-known name in the manufacture of precision metal stamping for the vast and constantly changing electrical industry. The strength, dimensional ability, make and resistance of our manufactured parts save consumers a lot of wastage in capital and replacements.
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Manufacturing Capabilities

Jaycee’s original equipment manufacturing (OEM) facilities include multiple modern plants with certified cutting edge technology and high-quality output. Our plants are designed to accelerate productivity, enhance quality, and improve outcomes.
The plants at Prithla, near Faridabad, are integrated manufacturing unit for DG sets with dedicated facilities and imported machinery for designing, turret punching, cutting, bending, fabrication, and assembly. The manufacturing equipment and procedures are all ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified.
A third plant was commissioned in 2018 for the manufacture of electrical stamping up to 1200mm. It is equipped with progressive tools that enable the production of precise parts with high cutting accuracy.

Myriad Applications



aluminium die cast rotor
rotating die casting machine
material handling
High speed press :- 300T, 220T, 125T
vertical die casting m/c (250t, 75t)
tool mainteance facilty